Still They Ride

Geoff Edgers passes along the news that the July 4th headliner at Tanglewood will be Journey (you should click on their link just for the “Space Invaders” flash intro). In their effort to bring in a younger crowd, the BSO is turning to a band that was formed prior to the birth of the entire TMC student body. (Though, to be fair, “Don’t Stop Believin'” is turning out to be the Elina Makropoulos of pop songs.) Geoff is rightly perturbed at the Steve Perry-less lineup, but really, they’ve had so many singers that, if they all showed up, Levine could reprise Gurrelieder from last summer.

Screenshot from the Atari 2600 game Journey: Escape, released in 1982. That’s right, they got their own video-game cartridge. Take that, Copland!

Update (2/7): “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)”: they aren’t coming after all.

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