There’s, like, the Galleria

Guerrieri: Overchoice Rag (2011) (PDF, 4 pages, 153 Kb)

Ethan was giving me a deserved hard time for letting the rag-a-month project from a couple years ago drift off into a senescent fog after a mere four installments. The lesson: be careful what you wish for! This one is reasonably classically-proportioned, it just can’t decide what key it wants to be in. Equal temperament, you disorientingly large-inventoried emporium, you.

No MIDI, since my usual computer is in the shop, and I’ve been magically transported back in time to a golden age of slower, far less powerful operating systems. Instead, here’s me playing, wrong notes and all. Be careful what you wish for, &c., &c.


  1. I hate to be leaving this comment after the Moncier Jacket ad above, but that's the first great composer/pianist YouTubey video I've seen just because of its simplicity. It also helps that you have hands that look like they could encompass unprecedented octave lengths without even trying while playing music that's restrained and simple. Congrats on a lovely bit of accidental genius.


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