Soho, the Bringer of Randomness

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Random news:

Emily Smith, of The Sun (UK), gets the Non Sequitur of the Day award.

Hurricane Gustav ground to a halt yesterday — as THREE more mega-storms barrelled towards the US.

The hurricane—possibly named after Gustav Holst, the British composer of The Planets—weakened to a depression over Louisiana. (emphasis added)

What basis is there for such a claim? None whatsoever, as far as I know—which doesn’t stop The Sun from including sound clips of The Planets to accompany the article.

Elsewhere in the water, Richard Tognetti, leader of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, is also a surfer, which forms the basis of the documentary Musica Surfica, screening at the end of the month as part of the New York Surf Film Festival. (Tognetti is also fresh off helping to save the Wollongong Town Hall.)

Wolpe! The Musical! No kidding.

The state of Oklahoma has announced the ten finalists for the official State Rock Song.

And New Jersey tenor Philip Alongi, who sang the National Anthem to open yesterday’s session of the Republican National Convention, actually isn’t all that keen on a McCain/Palin ticket, but a gig’s a gig.


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