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According to the counter at the bottom of the sidebar there, sometime in the past couple of hours, this blog received its 100,000th visitor. Thank you all very kindly! Good friend Jack Miller (whose now-defunct As the Apple Turns was pretty much my primer on how to blog) used to offer fabulous prizes to those visitors who turned over the odometer in such dramatic fashion. Not being nearly as tech-savvy, I honestly can’t tell who was responsible for that portentious click. However, a couple of months ago, my mom expressed her determination to trigger this particular milestone, and far be it from me to doubt her. So a round of applause to Soho the Dog’s official 100,000th visitor:

My mom.

A new Strauss & Mahler t-shirt will soon be making its way to lovely and scenic Niles, Illinois! And again, many thanks to everyone who finds these ramblings worthy of occasional perusal.

One comment

  1. Hi

    Hey, you actually know Jack Miller? I was just thinking about ATAT and decided to google around a bit. There isn't even a Wikipedia page.

    Well, I used to read religiously and even once emailed Jack. Just say hi to him, eh. Let him know that he and his work hold a spot in many's heart. Kind of like Mr-T, or HeMan 🙂

    Take care


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