Für fünfzehn Pfennige

The New York Post misses the crucial details in giving some background on the whole Eliot Spitzer-call-girl-scandal-resignation thing:

Shortly before his pre-Valentine Day’s Washington, DC, hotel tryst with the call girl now publicly known as “Kristen,” Spitzer asked his aides in the Mayflower Hotel if they had a classical-music CD he could bring to his room, a witness said….

“At the time, he claimed it was to help him focus and concentrate,” the source said of Spitzer. “He said he was going to work late into the night.”

(Emphasis added.) So what are we talking here? Götterdämmerung? The Turn of the Screw? Lulu? The Emperor Waltz? Enquiring minds, &c.!


  1. If NY State suffered some kind of power outage that day, maybe he asked for Strauss’s Feuersnot.Or if Kristen had a hole where her backside should be, then he could have selected Sibelius’s Wood Nymph. (And the governor’s fate isn’t too different from Bjoern’s . . .)


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