War Is Peace; Freedom Is Slavery; Major Is Minor

I was poking around the National Archives the other day, and I came across this:

If you ever needed proof of federal indifference to the musical arts, there you have it; that is the most overcooked canned lima bean of a propaganda poster I’ve ever seen. Music inspires… what, exactly? Gazing into the sky? Greek revival fashions? And is that woman having a hallucination of a marching band? Good heavens.

Frankly, I expect more from our government fearmongers. For the taxes we’re paying, they ought to be able to scare a few composers:

And singers:

And audience members:

Ahhhh… being frightened into conformity is so comforting, isn’t it?


  1. My favorite is the “You call that a pure vowel?” one.

    I was thinking of you the other day, as I was watching a (1963 Schwartzkopf/ Jurinac/ von Karajan) Rosenkavalier.

    Have you sung or do you plan on learning Oktavian?

    Hugs & Happy New Year!


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